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Energa-Operator carries on with building up the smart metering system


Energa-Operator is to install 310 thousands of smart meters under PRIME technology within the framework of the next stage of the project realisation as for the smart metering in the company.  Instruments will be supplied by consortium Arcus SA and T-Matic Systems SA. The commencement of the meters installation is to be done in the middle of 2013.

So far within the framework of the project AMI, Energa-Operator has ordered and installed over 100 thousand of the smart meters consistent with the requirements of Energy Regulatory Office. At present, the work over providing the communication of the meters with the central system AMI is under progress. Over 60 thousand of installed meters transmit already the remote readings of the electric energy consumption. The remaining meters will be communicated with the central reading application after providing the further elements of the telecommunication infrastructure that is to happen at the beginning of the second quarter this year.

ENERGA OPERATOR with the seat in Gdańsk belongs to the energy holding Grupa Energa and is one of the biggest Polish Distribution System Operator. It provides electric energy for ¼  of Poland area (northern and middle part of the country). Its services are used by 2,5 million households and over 300 thousand companies, which gives about 17 % share in Polish market of electric energy. 

The Company uses about  191 thousand kilometers of all-type voltage power lines with which it transmits over 23 TWh of energy per year.  

The company’s investment program realised in years 2009-2015 is calculated in total on 7 milliard PLN  (1,6 billion Euro). 

Alina Geniusz-Siuchnińska
Spokesperson of ENERGA-Operator, technical contact
tel:+48 691 11 81 46
Reja 29
80-870 Gdańsk

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