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Energa – Operator SA: the pace of modernisation of power lines and power supply facilities in Gdańsk quickened by Euro 2012


Energa-Operator, which is the fourth largest electrical power distribution company in Poland, has completed the key investments and modernisation works under the Polish preparation plan for Euro 2012, with the total amount of investment of about 50 mln PLN (c. 11,560 mln of euro)

Two modern Main Power Supply Stations that occupy a small area and are automatically controlled have been constructed. The first facility, MPSS in Nowy Port performs support function to secure power supply to the football stadium and the neighbouring area, the second facility – MPSS Airport – increases the reliability of power supply to the Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport. Moreover, the switch stations and the power cables and air power lines most prone to failure have been modernised.

In order to secure the electrical power supply, in particular to the zones visited by tourists and Euro Championship participants, a special maintenance audit of the key objects of electric power infrastructure has been performed in a special mode. Those objects for which even the smallest possibility of failure was diagnosed have been modernised or repaired. Similar measures have been taken in Gniewino where the Spanish team resides, and in Kołobrzeg, where the Danish team camp is located.

The company will not be performing any modernisation works during the whole championships that would incur planned lockouts of circuits – the target is to immediately switch to alternative power supply in case of possible power supply failure. Additionally, on the days when football matches are played, which are the days of increased traffic and congestion in the Tricity – the increased state of readiness has been introduced in the company. More than thirty power engineers are on call to repair any possible failures as quickly as possible. Emergency electrical service, the teams of energy dispatchers and specialist personnel have been strengthened as well.

In Tricity the company supplies electric power using 6600 km of power lines for all voltages, 27  Main Power Supply Stations (transforming  stations that convert high voltage to middle voltage), and 2081 stations that convert middle voltage to low voltage.

Alina Geniusz-Siuchnińska
Spokesperson of ENERGA-Operator, technical contact
tel:+48 691 11 81 46
Reja 29
80-870 Gdańsk

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